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[<< ] Mount Meru Game Lodge and Sanctuary

A Special Place to Stay

Throughout the 1970’s and early 1980’s, the Lodge and Sanctuary were run by Dr. Andreas Von Nagy and members of his family.

They became a very popular stop over for many VIP’s and Government visitors. Various Presidents of African Countries, celebrities, and members of European Royal Families stayed at the Lodge and a visit to the Sanctuary was always included in the official itineraries of Government visitors when in Arusha.

Although Dr. Von Nagy is no longer with us, his son continues to live nearby to the Lodge and to manage the Sanctuary which his father started some 35 years ago.

He, together with the Management and Staff of ‘Intimate Places’ look forward to welcoming you to Mount Meru Game Lodge & Sanctuary in a time-honoured tradition.


The lodge comprises 15 double or twin en-suite bedrooms and 2 newly constructed suites.

The design and character of the rooms are as individualistic as the lodge itself.

All rooms have a veranda with comfortable chairs where guests may sit during the late afternoons enjoying the peace of the surroundings, soaking up the unique atmosphere of the Lodge and watching the animal and birdlife. The suites are located in their own private garden and are ideal also for families and small groups to whom privacy is very important.

Intimate Places have created a completely new look for their guest bedrooms at Mount Meru Game Lodge to include single, queen and king size four-poster, wrought iron beds with fitted mosquito nets, continental quilts (sheets and blankets are available on request), large and small pillows for reading and sleeping and much more.

The Sanctuary

The main emphasis of the Game Sanctuary is to provide safe haven to African plains game and birds. These include eland, ostriches, waterbucks, zebras, buffalo, small carnivores such as Monitor lizards, small wild cats and of course the enormous variety of birdlife who come to feed, breed and enjoy the unique freedom offered by our very safe environment.

In a specially designed, enclosed area of the grounds of the lodge are also to be found magnificent old owls, porcupine, turtle and even a crocodile.
The majority of our animals were once either orphaned or badly injured and were brought to the sanctuary for rehabilitation. By choosing to stay with us, you will also therefore be playing a very important role in helping these animals since the Sanctuary is supported entirely by the Lodge.

The animals and birdlife at Mount Meru Game Lodge and Sanctuary are certain to delight all of our guests and visitors.


The Usa River, the magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, the wildlife, birdlife, trees, plants and shrubs all combine to make Mount Meru Game Lodge & Sanctuary a truly exquisite natural wonderland.

Lodge Facilities

The many carefully planned facilities available at the Lodge combine to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience of Africa at its very best.

The Terrace

The Terrace, shaded by enormous old Mango Trees, enjoys magnificent views over mature, carefully tended gardens to the Sanctuary beyond. It makes for an ideal spot for sundowners or just sitting, relaxing and soaking up the unique atmosphere.

The Lounge

The Lounge, with its enormous picture windows and comfortable furniture, provides for complete relaxation in intimate surroundings.

The Bar

The Bar is well stocked with a wide selection of spirits, beers and minerals. These are complemented by a carefully selected collection of fine wines.

Dining Room

The Fine Dining Room provides the perfect setting for a relaxing meal, prepared and served by our attentive yet very discreet staff.

The Gazebo

The Gazebo with its own private Terrace provides the perfect venue for both formal as well as informal events. Perhaps the most popular of these are the sumptuous Traditional English Roast Lunch buffets which are served on Sundays and which are much appreciated by visitors and Arusha residents alike.

Mia's Boutique

The guiding philosophy behind ‘Mia’s Boutique’ is to sell widely sourced, quality goods at very competitive prices. The management of Intimate Places attaches the same degree of importance to the way in which ‘Mia’s Boutique’ is run as they do to the management of all other aspects of the operations of Mount Meru Game Lodge & Sanctuary. Consequently, whereas hotel shops are often separate business given out to third parties on rent, Mia’s Boutique is owned and entirely managed by Intimate Places so that we are able to guarantee the highest levels of quality, both in terms of the goods which are offered for sale as well as the professionalism with which our guests are served by our staff.


Broadband internet access employing the very latest 'direct to satellite' technology is available for use by guests. In addition, guests carrying their own laptops can take advantage of our internet 'hotzone' covering the lounge, bar, gazebo and the gardens leading to the Sanctuary.

Satellite Telephone

Our satellite telephone system is available to all guests wishing to make inexpensive telephone calls to family and friends in most parts of the world.

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