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Travel to East Africa?

In 5 nights stay Bed, Breakfast & Dinner

  From USD $650 per person

  Arusha Tanzania
  From USD $450 per person

  Dar es Salaam Tanzania
From USD $400 per person

  Mwanza Tanzania
From USD$420 per person

  Nairobi Kenya
From USD $560 per person

  Mombasa Kenya
From USD $620 per person

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Hotels in Dar es Salaam

= Golden Tulip Dar es Salaam (5-STAR)

= Jangwani Sea Breeze Resort (4-STAR)

= Beach Comber Hotel & Resort (5-STAR)

= Peacock Hotel (4-STAR)

About Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam means "House of Peace" in Arabic. For a city which such a name it is a surprisingly busy and lively place where it is sometimes hard to find some rest. Unfortunately, security has deteriorated and it is no longer safe to walk in town after sunset. In practice, although not in theory, it is the capital of Tanzania. The president and the cabinet ministers spend most of there time there and you also find there the head offices of various governmental organizations, parastatals


Dar es Salaam's weather is humid and hot during the dry season from September to March, and humid and cooler following the long rainy season from June to August. Dar has two rainy seasons, the short rains from late-October to early-December and the long rains from March to June.

During the dry season temperatures can easily soar to above 35°C in Dar. You should seek shelter from the sun during the midday heat and use copious amounts of sunblock, SPF 30+.


North Americans and Europeans can obtain tourist visas upon landing in Dar es Salaam at a cost of US$50 (US$100 for US passport holders) paid in US dollars. However, some may prefer to get a visa before arriving.

A visa can be obtain from the Tanzanian High Commission/Embassy. Fees are US$50 and you will need a passport sized photograph. Normally ready same day.

At the airport, stand in the visa line, which is on the right hand side of the queue for passport control. It can get a bit hectic because several international flights arrive almost simultaneously, so ask others where the queue starts.

Once you've received your visa, there's no need to stop at passport control; they issue the visa and stamp you in at the same time, so just walk through to the baggage claim area


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